Antony Richards from Melbourne Australia is a designer, maker and artist. He crafts by his own hand each of these functional works of art that have simplicity, yet a depth of character and style that is rare in today’s knife market.

Brutally delicate and simple at first sight, the devil reveals itself in many subtle details that can only be appreciated through holding – better yet owning – one of Antony's hand crafted knives.

From kitchen knives to EDC, 18 Cutlery Co. creations appeal to collectors of high quality, functional, heirloom items.


“Creative solutions spring from going against the grain.” says Antony. He continues... “By changing up and committing to what is a generally accepted format and pushing it beyond what is commonly seen, gateways to new form factors emerge. Playing with these forms brings life to very exciting and searingly humanistic objects.”


Although not the first to have used the layback or reverse plunge, the way Antony has interpreted and incorporated this technical grind into 18 Cutlery Co. knives opens a new dimension in the form and flow of what a knife is.

Antony builds what his heart desires, making new modes in blade geometry and handle configurations. Through much deep thought and from the collective conscious of humanity, objects are called forth from the ether that will survive long after he’s gone – a part of his legacy and commitment to design.

In 2019, Antony was awarded Best New Maker at the Knife Art Association Sydney Knife Show for his first utility model, the Big Brother.